Low cost Tiles: why should you choose the quality-price of Area Doc Ceramics?

Piastrelle a basso costo: perché conviene scegliere la qualità-prezzo di Area Doc Ceramiche?Low cost tiles, why should you choose us?

To buy tiles with Area Doc is easy, quick and convenient. With a few clicks you’ll have delivered  the best low cost products for your floor and your walls directly to your house. Area Doc Ceramics is selling among the best items in the market, from the very best tiles producers in the whole world who reside right here in the Sassuolo district. Sassuolo, which has been in the tiles business since a very long time, counts more than 250 tile producers on a city surface of 36.000 Mq.

Why are our tiles handy and convenient?

Area Doc’s Showroom is in Casalgrande, a very few Kilometers from Sassuolo’s tile district. Sassuolo’s tile producing district is placed among the cities of Modena and Reggio Emilia. The heart of the producing district is right along the line which connects the cities of Sassuolo and Fiorano, the most known towns for the tiles business; we have a strong connection to this area which makes communications and transportation way easier for us. Since we are avoiding costs of production we can focus on transportations, and we are always open to start business relationships that can bring profits to both parts.

Thanks to our position we are able to spare on fixed production expenses so that we can offer the best web prices for our products.

Floor and Wall Tiles avaiable every week, stock avaiability in limited quantities, and very low cost offers.